Saturday, February 18, 2012

which Grid engine?

Chris Dagdigian recent article on bio-itworld with title "Which Grid Engine?"
key observations:
  • Gridengine still very popular
  • OGE would last long
  • Recommend Comerical Support to use Univa Gridengine  with open core
  • Recommend Opensource support to use Open Grid Schudler and with support through  Scalable logic
My observation on OGE:
  • OGE now is part of OEM group
  • One would think with various requirement of  job scheduler in Oracle product that OGE should be able to find a place in Oracle, But most oracle product already has build in job scheduler
  • Oracle only talk about Cloud and not about HPC any more
  • OE and any other fork has a very old code based does not easily fit ito the more modern code env of oracle apps, middle ware or db
  • I would agree that OGE would not last long

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