Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OSC4.0 what's new

the release note , we just summary the what's new part here
  • Support Solaris 11 (for s10 use OSC3.3.1)
  • IPS package format
  • Automated Installer Support
  • run only in a GZ and in a zone cluster. A zone cluster is now configured with the solaris brand NGZ with cluster attr. The solaris and solaris10 brands of NGZ are supported for configuration with the HA for Oracle Solaris Zones data service.
  • Support for Apache, Apache Tomcat, DHCP, DNS, NFS,  Oracle Database (single instance and Oracle  RAC) and WebLogic Server. 
  • DR (geo-cluster) support for replication solutions such as StorageTek
    Availability Suite 4.0, Oracle Data Guard and a script-based plug-in.
  • New IPS pkg name for SPARC and x86
    • Previous Cluster Package Cluster New IPS Package Name
      SUNWscapc                          ha-cluster/data-service/apache
      SUNWscdhc                          ha-cluster/data-service/dhcp
      SUNWscdns                          ha-cluster/data-service/dns
      SUNWsczone                        ha-cluster/data-service/ha-zones
      SUNWscnfs                           ha-cluster/data-service/nfs
    • SUNWscor                            ha-cluster/data-service/oracle-database
      SUNWsctomcat                     ha-cluster/data-service/tomcat
      SUNWscwls                         ha-cluster/data-service/weblogic
      SUNWscdsbuilder                ha-cluster/developer/agent-builder
      SUNWscdev                          ha-cluster/developer/api
      SUNWscderby                       ha-cluster/ha-service/derby
      SUNWscgds                           ha-cluster/ha-service/gds
      SUNWscrtlh                           ha-cluster/ha-service/logical-hostname
      SUNWscsmf                           ha-cluster/ha-service/smf-proxy
      SUNWsctelemetry                  ha-cluster/ha-service/telemetry
      SUNWsccacao                       ha-cluster/library/cacao
      SUNWscucm                          ha-cluster/library/ucmm
      SUNWesc, SUNWfsc, SUNWjsc,
      SUNWscnmr, SUNWscnmu ha-cluster/release/name
      SUNWscmasar, SUNWscmasazu,
      SUNWscmautil, SUNWscmautilr
      SUNWscmasasen                    ha-cluster/service/management/slm
      SUNWscqsr, SUNWscqsu       ha-cluster/service/quorum-server
      SUNWscqsman                          ha-cluster/service/quorum-server/manual
      SUNWjscqsu, SUNWcscqsu     ha-cluster/service/quorum-server/locale
      SUNWjscqsman                    ha-cluster/service/quorum-server/manual/locale
      SUNWmdmr, SUNWmdmu               ha-cluster/storage/svm-mediator
      SUNWscsckr, SUNWscscku             ha-cluster/system/cfgchk
      SUNWsc, SUNWscu, SUNWscr,
      SUNWsczr, SUNWsczu,
      SUNWsccomu, SUNWsccomzu
      SUNWscmasa, SUNWscmasau   ha-cluster/system/dsconfig-wizard
      SUNWscman                               ha-cluster/system/manual
    • SUNWscdsman                    ha-cluster/system/manual/data-services
      SUNWjscman                      ha-cluster/system/manual/locale
  • (SPARCOnly) SUNWscxvm ha-cluster/data-service/ha-ldom
    • TABLE 3 NewIPS PackageNames forGeographic Edition
      Previous Geographic Edition Package Name New IPS Package Name
      SUNWscgctl, SUNWscgctlr,
      SUNWscghb, SUNWscghbr
      SUNWscgrepavs, SUNWscgrepavsu   ha-cluster/geo/replication/availability-suite
      SUNWscgrepodg, SUNWscgrepodgu ha-cluster/geo/replication/data-guard
      SUNWscgrepsbpu                                 ha-cluster/geo/replication/sbp
      SUNWscgman                                        ha-cluster/geo/manual
  • What's Not Included in the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 Software
    The following features were included in the Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 release but are not included in the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 release:
    ■ Support for Veritas File System (VxFS) and Veritas VolumeManager (VxVM)
    ■ Support for the VxVM cluster feature for Oracle RAC in addition to VxVM with Oracle
    Solaris Cluster
    ■ GUI and GUI wizards
    ■ Support for SunManagement Center
    ■ Support for SunQFS from Oracle
    ■ Support for non-global zones as resource-group node-list targets
    ■ Support for Oracle Solaris IP Security Architecture (IPsec)
    ■ Support for Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions
    ■ The scsnapshot tool
    ■ The cconsole utility (the Oracle Solaris pconsole utility can be used instead)
    ■ Storage-based replication:
    ■ Support for EMC Symmetrix RemoteData Facility (SRDF)
    ■ Support for Hitachi True Copy andHitachi Universal Replicator storage-based
    ■ Three-data-center (3DC) configuration
    The following HA data services are not initially available with the 4.0 release but might become available at a later time:
    ■ Afga IMPAX
    ■ ASE
    ■ Informix
    ■ Kerberos
    ■ MySQL
    ■ Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
    ■ Oracle eBusiness Suite
    ■ Oracle GlassFishMessage Queue
    ■ Oracle iPlanet Web Server
    ■ PeopleSoft Enterprise
    ■ PostgreSQL
    ■ Samba
    ■ SAP
    ■ SAP liveCache
    ■ SAP Web Application Server
    ■ Siebel, SWIFTAlliance Access and Gateway
    What's Not Included in the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 Software
    Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 Release Notes 13
    ■ Sybase
    ■ TimesTen
    ■ WebSphereMessage Broker
    ■ WebSphereMessage Queue
    The Grid Engine and Sun Java System Application Server EE (formerly calledHADB) data services have been removed from the Oracle Solaris Cluster software.

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