Wednesday, December 7, 2011

solaris10 branded zone in solaris 11

Due to change in package system (SRV4 to IPS)  there is no direct upgrade from S10 to S11  one can use
  • P2Vconverting s10 physical system to solaris10 branded zone in s11
  • V2V converting s10 native full root zone  to solaris10 branded zone in s11
The following list some limitations of solaris10 zone in s11 from solaris10(5)
  • s10u9 or earily with patch 142909-17(SPARC) or 142910-17(x86) or later
  • 32bit and 64-bit solaris 10 apps
  • zone must reside on its own zfs dataset
  • delegated ZFS dataset configuration is currently experimental and has not yet been tested
  • para-v xvm domain is experimental and know problem for 64-bit apps
  • /dev/sound device can not be conigured
  • file-mac-profile property used to create read-only zones is not available
  • quota(1M0 to retrieve UFS FS info is not available
  • the following ndd parms are not available
    • ip_squeue_fanout
    • ip_soft_rings_cnt
    • ip_ire_pathmtu_interval
    • tcp_mdt_max_pbufs
  • Networking features that are different
    • Mobile IP is not available in s11
    • /dev/net ;VNIC are not supported by libdlpi in s11 but support by libslpi(3LIB) in s10
    • IPMP output are not the same

  • mdb and dtrace are not fully functional when used in global zone to examine processes executing within solaris10 zone
  • zonep2vchk (can be copied for s11 to s10) is used to generate info needed for P2V
  • solaris10 zone does not supported statically linked binaries
  • to support SVR4 pkg and patching one need to install 119254-75 (SPARC), 119534-24, and 140914-02 or 119255-75, 119535-24 and 140915-02 (x86/x64), or later versions in solaris 10 before created archive
  • in s11 pkg:/system/zones/brand/solaris10 must be installed
  • zonecfg: use create -t SYSsolaris10 or set brand=solaris10
  • can set hostid
  • support sysidcfg
  • support migration between two s11 hosts

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